October 16, 2009

Kellan Lutz, solution to making any day better!

Oh hell's yeah! this might not be news to you but it's definitely good, new news to me-Twilight Scene it? hit stores today! did i mention hells yeah! How did i miss the release date? too many NM things been thrown at me at the same time. Since twihershey will be away in sin city this weekend, i'll be playing with myself...solo bolo...but Scene it? means i'll be having a better weekend than her, it's hours of fun!

More pics have been released from Kellan's shoot with august magazine, which magazine are you planning to buy over the next few months?? oh, me? uh duh all of them since New Moon seems to be the only thing on shelves right now, it's being shoved at us from every direction.

Did i mention Kellan, i didn't? omg shame on me, let the drooling begin-

-it's been a damn good day?? well it wasn't but it just got soooo much better

today's New Moon recap

Been brought to my attention that i blog with a sailors mouth, must apologize but some of the f-ckery in the twiworld demand said language, i'm docking the ship and i'll try to keep my language in check.

With that said i wanted to share some of my findings from today:
Chris Weitz will be in LA at the Beverly Hilton, he'll be doing a press conference. As much i would love to have that mess of a soundtrack explained to me i refuse to shell out $200 for that crap-see am changing-esp if there's no cast, not even one person means money will remain in the bank. This is the info, if you go tell Chris Twiremedy sent a message and it's just three words WTF-that doesn't count, i technically didn't cuss-Thank you in advance if you do deliver my msg. Actually, let him know i appreciate him, much more so than cougar Cathy......she knows why!
Found NM stills, eeeks!

Here's Bella Swanson trying to be ever so gentle....that look on Edward's face screams hurry the hell up biotch

Edward first, cause i loves him


October 15, 2009

Kristin 17 Magazine scam?!?!

*note to readers.. i began typing this 10.14.09*

It's funnie how I try to keep my 'Twi-life" a secret yet it still manages to pop up every now and again. I believe it was a few weeks back when I complained about the Twi-Cast always doing photoshoots and interviews for magazines over seas [Europe] and none for the US. Then recently pics surfaced of my jail bait and his (rolling stone?) photo shoot where he's frolicing on the beach.. in the water.. buff and all wet... sorrie.. then there was word of KStew doing a shoot with Allure magazine. Now we get a 17 magazine interview.. but no photoshoot?!? boooo. I was actually at my schools snack shop looking for juice when I spotted this magazine. Had to do a double take: 1) i didn't believe it was really KStew on the cover, and 2) i didn't know she did a photoshoot w/ Seventeen!! Since I keep my Twi-Life seperate from school.. or the public atomsphere, I didnt buy or even pick up the issue... LoL Later I found info about it on HisGoldenEyes.com, that's where I learned the unthinkable!!! KStew's "outfit" for the magazine cover is one we've all seen before.. therefore making the "photo shoot" nonexistent!! I'm not sure if I'm mad at Kristin or Seventeen... We all know that Kstew and the NM/ Eclipse cast are super busy, but some real photoshoots would be great since lots of non-USA countries seem to be getting all the twi-Cast action [ex. August magazine featured Kellan a while back, Interview magazine has Kstew nxt month... (dont think thats in the USA), Ashley did a magazine for over seas too]. From the reviews I've read.. the article is basically just a bunch of quotes?!?!? Ummmm I seriously hope that ain't true! I was in Target today (10.15) and didn't see this issue, they only had the October issue w/ Whitney Port on the cover... sooo once I get my hott lil hands on this issue I will give a proper [lmao] review!!!

Even though there was no real photoshoot this pic of Kristin is cute.

Twilight bloggy etiquette

Welcome to Twiremedy's bitch hour, bet you thought this was only your remedy, cause if you did you were wrong...it's mine too! be prepared for the bitchy and the angry, they jump at you and surprise you so approach with caution.
funny Pictures, Images and Photos
From the blogger who brought you what not to do on twitter proudly brings you bloggy etiquette-i may be a hot ass mess but i have no problem telling people what not do, it's do as i say not as i say people, i'm a hot mess for your benefit.
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Must i remind people to site their sources, so many got cussed out for this and yet it still keeps happening, Nothing irks me more than seeing someone else's blog copied word for word and posted under their own damn name. While i will not be outing people and trust me i so want to but bloggy buddy doesn't approve, you know who you are bitches....both of you! i gots my eye on you!

me thinks this be the morning of Bella's b-day aka before the incident we do not talk about.
On that note, can we not see the same shit posted and reposted in the same exact line up, yeah shut up, i get they're your source and while imitation is the best form of flattery copying is called plagerism. If your stupid ass can't be creative enough to put your own thoughts on a story you found then delete your damn blog right now and call it a damn day.

Robbie, did you borrow some of Edwards wardrobe?? you can be honest, it's me after all
This one doesn't apply to everyone but it must be said as well, i get your blog is doing well and your very proud because you slaved over it, it's become your child and cash cow...it is your full time job. The rest of us blog because of our love for all things twilight so is it too much to ask you to be humble, bitch please, having you constantly display that shit is as frustrating as the Robsten rumors. Yeah i said it, r.u.m.o.r, Robsten, Nonsten, who gives a fucksten, moving on!

needed this on her because Rob looks too damn hot
While we're at it, let's throw some twitter etiquette up in the bitch, can't stress how important it is to have separate accounts, one for twilight and the other for your mess of a life-they can even have the same password, no one will know!
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no one wants to know everything about you unless your in that kind of relationship and even then they might be lying to you, they could just be putting up with you.

loves me so daddy C, fyi I've done the LAX thing a couple of times and that is not a pleasant place to be, riding on the damn bus is like Disneyland when you compare that to LAX, really don't know why he would choose to go through that every weekend,
RT, RT, RT, fuck me, lost many good people for this, can we ease up on the RT's i mean if the person has 50,000 or so followers chances are we got their tweet too, the original version.
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October 13, 2009

Amazon.com New Moon premiere winner

Congratu-fuking-lations to D. James Czech II of Anchorage, Alaska s/he is the "potential" winner of Amazon's New Moon premiere contest

New Moon
Trip to L.A. for The Twilight Saga: New Moonpremiere

Yes, really. We'll fly you and a guest to L.A. to attend the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon and meet members of the cast.

let me say how i truly hate you for winning, how badly i want to take your place and um, well, do you need a date for the premiere?? bff?? friend?? bed buddy?? just think of the possibilities.....
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Have you guys checked out peter-facinelli.com, it's kinda like the New Moon website but devoted to Carlisle,

it's actually really interesting, highly recommend! Carlisle's study is interactive but you need to click the right things to find his secrets like this

you can make this your background if you can find it on his website, love daddy C. so felt the need to share.

what's your twilight secret???

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
Wow, huge fail, can't believe no one's willing to share their dirty little twilight secrets, am so ashamed, gonna cry now.
new moon confession # 14 Pictures, Images and Photos
Here's another one of my secret:
Eclipse is my favorite book because Edward's in it, skipped most of New Moon from the time he left until he came back, every time i re-re-re-read it i skip all of Jacob's part. Hate Breaking Dawn with a passion, can only read the first section after Isle Esme things become a blur to me.

Twilight soundtrack has been nominated!

While Ashley, Kellan and Taylor were busy bringing sexy back Twilight the soundtrack was nominated for the AMA's against Hanna fucking Montana at that, what a slap in the face, really? best soundtrack? don't worry i won't go bitch mode until i find out who wins and they better get it right, vote now!!! vote HERE!!!this is the entire list of nominees.

Ashley posing for Men's Fitness.....here's a stupid question, why do you need a woman in a men's fitness magazine again? apart from the sex appeal and sales, what the hell could she contribute to a magazine about  men's fitness and no her body don't count, just say people...am just saying!

didn't really llike Kellan much as a blond until i found this little gem, holy sh*t, could he possibly get any hotter?

those eyes.....they just call to me, they scream my name

In case you were under a rock, Summit announced the New Moon soundtrack will be released this friday instead of Tuesday 10/20 (guess there's something to be said about hacking...wonder if they leak New Moon we'd be able to see it any faster?? just wondering, i'm sure Rob and Kstew would love that, that would mean less press for them to do)

Sweet Rob!

Whether these are new or old pics of Rob they made me melt......am speechless now, just died
Click to view full size image

hmmm, why must you always do this to me
Click to view full size image

stop pretending, you know what i'm talking about!
Click to view full size image

This was in an interview Rob gave Seventeen magazine, had to post it because this is classic Rob humor, you can find the rest on their site if you want to know everything they talked about.

Getting Deep with Kristen
"Kristen's a really great actress. I really like working with her, and she's very intense about things, and she'll go just as far as anyone else will want to go with it. If you want to go as deep as possible, into any form of material, she's more than willing to go there."

what's your dirty little twilight secret???

We started this blog hoping to be somewhere people can turn to when they've read all the daily twilight news out there. Needless to say we suck, we're a huge fail, we know but there's no time like the present to start redeeming ourselves! I remembered this song i loved, it's so 2000 but it's still a good song.

We want to know your dirty little twilight secrets! You can post them anonymously, what evs, the choice is yours but remember if you decided to put your full name out there and it's absolutely ridiculous i will let you have it :).....am just saying. yes, you can post a secret not related to twilight as well.
twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
I'll even be brave enough to start...it was my idea after all, should slap myself for that: Guess if i'm going there i should go out with a bang....I am team Edward (posters, books, what ever i could afford), loves me some Rob but i do like Taylor (sometimes) i mean they plaster his neked body every where and it's hard not to look, his body is dayum! besides he looks older now, am not saying i'd rape him but the thought has crossed my mind slightly....fine a lot of times depending on the photo....dear lord forgive me for becoming a pedophile.
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October 12, 2009

Taylor Lautner will be at Scream Awards '09

Spike has finally confirmed on their page that Taylor will introduce the nm clip, this is what they wrote:
Taylor Lautner will unveil world premiere footage from The Twilight Saga: New Moon
It's still to be announced whether any one else from the cast will be with him. The award show tapes on Oct. 17 but airs on Tues. Oct 27 at 10pm (am soooo considering going to that damn taping to represent twihershey of course while she has fun, with out, me in Vegas)
Only posting this pic because she asked me to, this was Chris' latest tweet...

it's a Jake and Bella pic but i love the look on Edward's face in the back

A kind message to Ashley

So came across this after my nightly nap (it's the time i stop reading twilight and start dreaming Edward, psssh like i really own a copy of twilight....the book, why think of Edward when you can see him in HD assuming i own a damn HD tv, how dare you judge me!)
Click to view full size image
yup that's ms. Gator right there flashing her million dolla smile after using a BOA atm, don't believe me? why would she has cash in her pocket? it is possible she could have a side job we don't know about...heard foreign strippers are the business, they know how to pop lock and drop it! it's very contagious trust me.
Click to view full size image
seeeeee, now you believe me? go out and open your account!...after reading this of course (am not getting paid to say this, unless you open your account at the right location, like say the one down at.....lmao) back to the letter....
Ashley, please realize this is LA as in your ass will get jacked for walking around with cash sticking out yo pocket, ya hear! this isn't Fl, they don't care, trust! they will steal from family we are in hard times. Sorry hard to get ghetto, needed to get my point across, happened to me in Feb....couldn't even afford to see Twilight *sob* it was that bad.
photo credit

Ryan rips a page from New Moon

If you listen to kiis in the morning (like twihershey does) your aware of Ryan Seacrest (lmao i keep calling him secret) he reads a little of New Moon on air. Any who she texted me this morning to let me know he ripped a pg from the book before reading it because it was too heavy and thanks to youtube i was able to see it for myself. Now as if desecrating his copy wasn't bad enough, why the hell is the book all tagged up....must we highlight every pg before reading it? If the candle is too dim turn on the damn lights fluorescents can be your best friend, don't highlight the pg....speaking of candle is it wrong to say i was waiting for the pg to touch his new moon candle? yeah i'm bitch so what!

did he really say the breakup scene was too hard to read? lmfao his Edward voice is even harder to hear. Are you sure reading in general isn't the problem sir? am just saying, am.just.saying!

New Moon premiere tickets

Do you have your New Moon tickets yet? oh wait, are you asking me??? hells no, i'm a broke ass bitch who can't afford kool-aid right now.....it's kinda a miracle i have power and internet, long story tell you some other time. I'm a devoted twilighter but i'm hoping my 7yrs of bad luck ended last month and i will win one of the many tickets being offered for the premiere, (i mean come on, it's a no brainer, i live in LA so they don't need to fly me, clothe me, drive me, or even feed me...well maybe feed me, ain't gots no money after all and i'm sure they have food) If i get to meet the cast they don't even have to feed me, we're in a recession and look at all the money i'm already saving them (fyi i don't know who "them" is there's so many contests and i'm questioning which is real but hell I've entered all of them already!) I think most of these contests are over and we're just waiting to hear who won so fingers crossed, hmmm maybe we should say a prayer too.
This is hilariously offensive!

can i say how much i love the batman boxers even though he's addicted to twilight, i was so expecting some edward/jacob boxers

October 11, 2009

Is everyone team Jacob...except me?!?

Selena Gomez is team Jacon, so is Ashley Greene, BFF, even some of you followers....wtf am i missing??? Team Jacob seem to be growing larger and i'm starting to wonder if people like Jacob the character or Taylor the body.
Taylor Lautnersource
Is it because I've always been attracted to older men, i have a no jailbait policy but please someone fill me in. I mean i get it, the boy is huge, bigger now for Eclipse even bigger than in New Moon like the book i guess but i don't get it. Taylor even said how embarrassed he is of all the shirtless pics they use in his promo. He's actually starting to scare me because of how much muscle he's put on...i'm honestly worried. Yes, i know he's super cute with his little baby face but Jacob has always been in the friend zone of my mind. Jacob was too loyal, like a friend, annoyingly persistent and he never seemed to possess any boyfriend like quality. Once you find yourself tricking a girl into kissing you it's kinda over.
Click to view full size image
hahaha, the jorts kill me!
I seem to have a knack for pissing off every Jacob follower in existence but can i say how pissed i will be if this follows through? I will wake up twihershey from her nap (she sleeps through every movie and i will have a camera on premiere night in case she falls asleep, black mail and such....) but i'll be in full bitch mode!
Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image
aaaaah now this is more like it! yes, i'm crazy we already established this, now if you don't mind i'd like to move on.
Click to view full size image
photo credit

Twicrap at it's best!

TwiHershey and i unanimously agreed the leaked New Moon soundtrack=epic fail!!! Twilight soundtrack was so much better and i pray it won't ruin the movie. Loves you Chris Weitz but you need to slap who ever chose these songs and it if was you then slap yourself twice! Bought the twilight soundtrack, will not buy new moon, got it? ok, good! I'm actually tempted to throw it in the pile of twicrap but that would be blasphemy!
Preview of Soundtrack Album to Robert Pattinson's 'New Moon' Emergessource
It's a quiet sunday and somewhere in the four corners of the internet i found this sh*t.....

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart’s sneaky romp in a shop changing room
“From the sounds that were coming out of the changing room, they were doing more than trying on shirts!” “When they emerged minutes later they were mussed up and breathing heavily!” added the source. if your truely bored enough you can read the rest of this f*ck.

have mercy on me, you know what f*ck this, i have to say something, where are the pictures of said romp??? everyone has a camera phone no matter how crappy it is and said source wasn't smart enough to pull it out, well i say bullsh*t. I must have been far in the corners of the internet to find this rejection.

The Twilight saga's affect on the world

Some can debate whether twilight has had a positive or extremely negative affect on the world. The movie has been translated in many languages and the upcoming sequel New Moon will premiere in most countries from Nov. 2009 into Nov. 2010 for some unfortunate places, full premiere list. These books touched so many different people in so many ways, it gave us both realistic and unrealistic views of love, life and relationships.

If your on the business side of things Twilight might have been your ticket to making serious bank. From the town of Forks, WA to other books like Vampire Diaries profited in part thanks to twilight. Robert recommended a book Dennis Potter's 'Ticket to Ride' and it has been sold out ever since, craptastic copies can be found on amazon for about $60 as long as your ok with the condition, the better copies run well into the hundreds partly because this book is out of circulation, it was printed in 1986. The power the twilight stars posses finally dawned on me. This movie will create opportunities for them and will allow them to become something bigger if they so choose.
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
Then there's the twilight merchandise...t-shirts, hats, jewerlery, bandages?!? and here i thought the idea of a twilight condom and sex toy was ridiculous. This falls in between the good and bad because the power of imagination is truly unbelievable. If you can think it and slap twilight on it they probably have it and all you have to do is search for it.

However, for every positive there's always the negative side, Robert and Kristen have unfortunately experienced this many times, unable to find peace even on a simple walk around town. Between the crazy fans and the the crazier paparazzi, some of whom are also fans, it has become a dangerous game of tag. They're chased around town, into their hotel and it seems as if people could have it their way there would be a camera in their hotel rooms as well. They're branded as a couple both on screen and off because Bella and Kristen and Rob and Edward are being seen as one person.
Small filming for commercials annoy the hell out of me because they shut down the street and your forced to find alternative routes, i can't imagine a movie of this scale where people are constantly set stalking, it must be such a pain for the residents of Vancouver. I'm sure the director does his best to avoid disturbances but some people don't recognize boundaries like the 40yr old who tried to strip down so 17yr old Taylor Lautner could sign her panties, this is beyond crazy and she should have been arrested! Between the Vancouver Sun constantly publishing set locations and the people who charge for set tours i would have gone insane by now.
Fu-tuck, i just realized i damn near wrote an entire article, I didn't even get to be a smart ass, i was possessed i tell ya, it's weird, let's see if i can make up for it with a smart ass picture!
OMG! Funny! Pictures, Images and Photos

Jchon's a sexy b*tch too!

So I've mention (a few times, maybe more) that i wouldn't mind....anyone from the cast...even the girls (hey, hey now i'm open to making exceptions, hell if Rob don't want Kstew he can ship her my way) can you look at this and still ask why...nope didn't think so!
it's the first time I've seen so many beautiful people compliment each other the way they do. We know Rob's hot, Kstew, Ashley, Kellan, Nikki (sometimes, mostly when she's away from Paris), Alex, the wolf pack (with an exception who will no be named and no it's not Sam damn it, Chaske is sexy!) even the jail bait is hot too (i'd rather turn gay on my own, i wouldn't take well to getting raped in jail for him, getting arrest for being inappropriate with Rob...oh hells yes! Kristen...mmm maybe, Taylor...oh hells no!)

Gotcha!, I know you were hoping for a picture of the jailbait
There are a few cast members we seem to forget like Jchon aka Eric Yorkie. Some Justin facts: he's 28, read em, that's right he's not jailbait! He actually has a store-2 located here in CA- it's called the atticI love his reaction when people say "i didn't know Eric Yorkie was Asian" i swear it's priceless, he has such a good sense of humor then again doesn't the entire cast.

i wouldn't mind some Asian persuasion to start my day (and end it, in the middle of it, 3/4 through it) besides you can never go wrong with a man with serious ink...

Calling all Wolf-pack fans/lovers

Its funny how you start looking at one website, searching for one thing and within 30 minutes you're 3 website away from where you started look at something you werent trying to find. This is exactly what happened eariler. I should have been going back to sleep but instead I start looking at Twifans.com. dont even remember what i was looking for. But I did come across some super adorable pics of Bronson... [he plays Jared in NM/Eclipse]. He attended TwiTour this weekend along with some of the other cast.

[above photo credit- http://csikat.blogspot.com/]

Anywho.. the point of the post.. I came across this website. The owner had the idea to make pink paw prints to to hold up at TwiTours and let the wolf pack know how much their loved- because the wolfs need need some lovin' too!! Her exact reasoning and the idea was developed can be read http://pinkpawsmovement.blogspot.com/. I think the idea is cute.. it'll grab someone's attention.. that 'someone' being one of the cute wolf pack boys! I like that its not big and bulky like a poster board size sign. Who wants to walk around with a big poster board at TwiTour?! Below is an example of the Pink Paw Prints..


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