September 6, 2009

another week=more crap on a stick from our favorite wrapping paper mags

Robsessed posted a blog which basically said they wanted ppl to see the garbage out there on their site so we don't go wasting money and i thought that was a good message to pass along. Kudos Robsessed, i tip my hat to you, with that said i realized that our love for everything twilight started to create a domino effect, things are getting out of hand ppl. There's a lot of twilight crap merchandise out there- i'm not talking about the clothes because those are cute but "the vamp", the shower curtain, the dolls, the creepy ass wall thing, and so on-it's becoming a bit much. It seems like everyone tries to get money out of us just by slapping twilight, vampire or werewolf on their product. Case in point: The city of Forks, WA, they will be celebrating Bella's fictional birthday and Stephenie Meyer day on sept.13. Somehow this became Stephenie Meyer weekend as if day wasn't enough, why?? you might ask, because we flock to forks when ever they mention anything twilight related and spend like fools. It seems to me they're hoping we'll follow suit next weekend and spend, spend, spend some more-oh, there will be a free concert because that seems to make it better-. For more info and a list of events for next weekend check the peninsula daily news.

Found these pics on and it's new to me because it made my heart skip a beat in a whole new way lol had to throw this one in as well for good measure because we just love looking at him.

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