September 11, 2009

guess the volvo is black....don't believe me check it out here

spent all day on youtube looking for this, i knew some f*cker would do what i couldn't-they practically cavity searched us before the previews started. They told us to turn off our phones instead of the usual "please silencing your phone" and they waited til everyone did it. i know wtf right! the nerve! i wasn't even in the ghetto! poor ole me would never video tape something illegally, just wanted to remember what i saw and share it. Seeing it again is so much better than my notes! don't rag on my notes, that is not ok.
*major spoiler alert*
aww Bella's scream still hurts but she reminds me of twilight when James bit her and the venom started to spread. i hate that Edward look a hot mess at the end, he really does look tortured but Alice is so pretty as always. That wolf looked like a damn bear, pretty lose to the book. Good Job Chris Weiss please do take your bow, if he had directed twilight it would have been a bigger blockbuster, oh yes that is possible.

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