September 5, 2009

Eclipse Spotlight: Cameron Bright

Okay, I know.. I'm SUPER late posting this.. sooooo there will be another that shortly follows. Since the first spotlight was on 'Jane' its only fitting this being the 2nd spotlight be about her twin brother, right??!?!?! So here's a little info on Cameron, he will portray Alec in the NM/Eclipse and hopefully Breaking Dawn [you can never be too sure the way Summit is replacing ppl]

So here's a brief bio on Mr. Cameron Bright... He was born in Vancouver.. he's only 15 but has been acting for a while. Some movies he's been in include: The Butterfly Effect, Running Scared, X-men The Last Stand & Juno. I'm glad to see he's changed a bit from how he looking as a child, particually in Running Scared... he looked kinda scary; those eye brows just were not cute... lol.

I'm not sure what else to put up about Cameron so heres a few pics. Can't wait to see how he does in NM! [pictures from]

[pic 1: Cameron in Butterfly Effect as Tommy; pic 2: Running Scared --- both are good movies!]

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