September 8, 2009

Bobby Long's Labor Day Concert

@RobPattzNews confirmed- via twitter- Rob, Kris, Nikki and Elizabeth made an appearance at Bobby Longs' concert in Vancouver. Haven't we learned anything yet? Rob's a great friend who always seem to support Bobby Long which means if he's having a concert and he can get there easily then he will be there with Kstew, Nikki and BF Elizabeth in tow-translation our asses should have been there too. They weren't bothered-congrats twihards your finally learning, our lessons on how not to be annoying are paying off....if only we could train the paps the same way.....hmmm we'd have happy celebs-anyways they stayed for the entire show! Nikki and Elizabeth even watched from beside the stage in plain sight, see and ya'll thought they hated us. After the show Rob, manager and Kris left in a cab together and Nikki, Paris and Elizabeth left in a separate cab.
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are my eyes playing tricks?? is k-stew wearing make up??

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awww, robbie looks so tired :(
*****UPDATE-apparently there was a little cat fight as well after some drunk girl called Kristen a bitch and she got knock the F*ck out lmao....don't mess with Twilight bitches!, click here to find out how this all went down!
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is it me or is cabbie not too happy either??? he looks like he's thinking wtf, why my cab?? get the hell out!

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