September 12, 2009

mtv's NM sneaky peek, a taste of what will air before the vma's

With the vma's coming in about 26 hrs-damn why couldn't that be the New Moon premiere-Summit being the total a-holes that they are reminded us why the didn't advertise the NM preview that was shown before boob fest '09 like they clearly did with band crap '09. This is a shot from the new never before seen world premiere which will air during the vma's on mtv tomorrow night-afternoon, i'm from LA trick-
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "New Moon"
in fact they have a nice little sneak peek for you to see and apart from this shot, everything else was in the leaked preview. Once again Edward doesn't look his normal hottie hot hot self, he has his hottie body but that night of the living dead look on his face does not work for me esp when Bella looks normal. 

this is for you BFF even though i'm still mad at for your insensitive
Edward comment, little fyiii, posted it right under Rob's sexy abs
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found this on where you can find a 
whole lot more

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