September 7, 2009

100monkeys and Barbie?!?

Found this on google images to further emphasis yesterday post of TwiCrap Merchandise, if your modeling a doll after a character, um shouldn't the doll look like that person?? Kstew even said the doll has a bigger rack than she does, let's get it together ppl!

The only thing i can say is the hair matches Bella's hair in Eclipse so they got something right......Splash News has more deets on these doll if you really give a crap and yes for once they got something right.
******little bit of an update TwiFans also has pics of 100monkeys looking as fine as they did on Thurs night. i'm so jumping ship-team jacksper.....grrrr daddy, wanna take the entire third and forth row of jackson......sry i'm back, oh behave!-well until i see another Rob pic then i get back on the wagon or anything he wants. So wanna go to their concert or atleast Vancity, damn you passport! a plague on all your houses.

see! don't you agree???

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