September 9, 2009

Ashley Greene- fashionista??

I think we all can agree that Ashley Greene always has the cutest outfits, yes? Well okay, maybe there has been a few days where pieces of her outfit were not so cute but all-in-all this chica dresses cute. She never seems to wear the same thing twice[still stuck on how she does it]?!! What I love most about Ashley's style is that she's keeping up with the trends... and I dont mean the 'Eclipse cast' fashion trend! You all know what i mean... jeans, tank top/ t-shirt & [black] hoodie jacket! The "signature" outfit worn by KStew, Nikki (on most occasions), Taylor, Rob[he started this trend!] &.... sometimes Elizabeth?--> her 'cast' look tends to vary which is good. So in appreciation for Ashley going against what her peers are doing on a fashion scale i've decided to post some random pics that i'm sure we've all seen.. showcasing Ash's many cute fashion pieces & my opinion.

*pic 1- im not fond of 'liquid leggings' but Ash makes them look super cute in her all black outfit

*pic 2- surpriseingly i have various pieces of this outfit but never wore them together.... might have to try it now, Ashley's outfit has a 'southern girl' feel to it.. which fits me well!

* pic 3- this one is very basic, but still cute.. simple can be cute too!!!

Other cast members in their Volturi disguises.... sadly its not working.

Nikki.... my little Taylor ... Rob... all sportin the black hoodie. There's pics out there of Elizabeth & KStew.. but i got impatient of looking... Do you all see the recurring theme? my question to them is this: Are crazy fans causing you all to not get super cute... I mean Ashley & Kellan always look trendy & cute [or hott in Kellan's case] but maybe it's just personal choice of style?! Either way if they like it, i love it [sorta]. But just as long as Ash doesnt try to adopt the 'Black Volturi Hoddie' all will be good! =)

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