September 8, 2009

The girl who cried B*tch at Bobby Long's Concert

Once again photos of the cast causes a big debate, to be honest if you don't like it then don't look at it! How is this any worst than looking at the pics of them walking down the street? they're pissed off in every photo so none is worst than the other! In fact Nikki looked happier last night, on Sun she looked like she wanted to slap somebody. Listen ladies don't get your panties in a bunch, I don't support the paps but i don't think it's any different when we take the pics ourselves! We get pissed off then we cry for pics of the cast when there's been none. I will admit this behavior is probably why they hide but when the hell have you seen real celebs posing for pics if they're not promotional??? Think about it! Back to blog............This video shows Rob and Kstew being harrassed by the paps but it also shows the brave, dumb, drunk girl who called kstew a bitch before she got slapped lol if your interested click on the link below, if not then don't the choice is yours. This girl is officially the most hated person online right now, they're posting wanted adds for her so she better watch her back rotf.

**figured you guys had a right to know.....Don't mess with Twilight!!! This is a warning for anyone who thinks they can mess with TwiHards lmao they will come after you-oh wait i'm one of those ppl.......

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