September 8, 2009

Edward Cullen.. rude?! Better believe it!

[this was meant to be posted a week ago.... so it doesnt pertain to the juicy info in the blog Kim just posted about the Bobby Long concert... but read anyways!]
To counter Kim's post about why my Jakey isnt "good enough" for Bella, I've decided to make a post about the MAIN reason Bella shouldn't be with Edward-- he's plain RUDE! I've provided various examples (theres sooo many) from the book and/or movie that explain my reasoning.

1. When they first meet in Biology class and he sat as far away from Bella as possilbe and acted awkward-- RUDE

2. When Bella asked if Edward had gotten contacts because she noticed his eyes were diff & he claims the difference is due to the flourscent lighting and rushes away -RUDE [and funny "its the flourscents" lmao]

3. After leaving the green house with their class fieldtrip & Edward explains when he and Bella shouldnt be friends. Then Alice pops up and asks if bella will be sitting on their bus? Edward yells "NO! Our bus is full!" and then bangs on the bus door -- Really RUDE

4. When Bella questions Edward about the car crash- he knows she persistent and doesn't want to drop the issue and before walking away he tells Bells "I hope you like disappointment!" RUDE

5. While in the meadow, Bella tells Edward she knows what he is.. "SAY IT!!! OUTLOUD!" was it really necessary for him to yell at the girl?! i do believe she was scared- RUDE

6. ... and the continuation of their conversation at #5.. Edward says(yells) something along the line of "Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my scent, My eyes"... (not really accurate but you all know what i mean.) - RUDE ....

7. ... and within the same scene, Edward stats "You need to see what i look like in the sunlight" he then drags Bella by the arm alllll the way up the mountain! Not only painful but *very* RUDE!

8. (New Moon) When Edward LEFT Bella.. with NO FULL explanation! yea he said his fam had to leave blah blah. But if you gonna break a girl's heart and leave her all alone. EXPLAINING might lessen the pain! so he's RUDE for leaving!

9. "It'll be like I never existed"... not the most soothing thing a girls wants to hear when the man/vampire she loves LEAVES her.. and stealing all the pics she had of him... *double* RUDE!!

10. (Eclipse) To prevent Bella from seeing her BFF (Jacob), Edward takes parts from her car engine t o prevent the car from starting up --- RUDE

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