September 11, 2009

New Moon Preview we saw before watching Sorority Row!!!

So just came back from seeing Sorority Row, went with BFF told her i really wanted to see the crap but i just wanted to see the New Moon clip that we all knew Summit was gonna throw in there-will spare deets cause it's not even important, movie was more like porn than slasher-any who, saw clip of New Moon and it was amazing, it made me realize Summit was just d*ck teasing us the whole time with these stupid ass clips they've been throwing at us. Think of it as eating dog food your entire life until you discover real meat. I would bet my kids and their kids (if i had any that is) summit would've made serious money from Band Crap if they showed this clip cause it made sitting through boob fest '09 totally worth it! Sorry no videos to show, f*ckers practically searched us before the previews started. They told us to turn off our phones instead of the usual "please silencing your phone" and they waited til everyone did it. i know wtf right! the nerve! poor ole me would never video tape something illegally, just wanted to remember what i saw and share it but i showed them-who needs txt and video when you got good ole fashion pen and paper-so ha! Summit, ha! cause my creative ass took notes!
*spoiler alert*
.So the preview started how the last one ended with Jane walking through the door in the volturi lair, you see all the volturi coven Aro, Caius and Marcus sitting on their thrones-like true pimps!
.Edward and Bella at school in the parking lot with the damn black Volvo
.Edward leaves Bella in the woods after telling her she's no good for him
.Search party looking for Bella in the woods
.Someone-Sam i'm guessing but now i'm thinking Victoria-jumps out a big ass tree from way up and helps with search
.Bella laying in her bed screaming-this is after Edward left her, it was so sad you could feel her pain
.Bella confronts the wolf pack and someone transforms into a wolf-Paul i'm guessing-the sh*t was huge and we remember how impulsive Paul was from the book
.Bella and Jacob riding the bike, she falls off and hit her head after seeing Edward appear in front of her
.Bella and Jessica at the movie theater and she calls her an "adrenaline junkie"
.Bella and Jake at the theater on the stairs and he tells her he'll never leave her
.Bella jumps off cliff and she sees Edward in the water when she's drowning
.Jake pulls Bella out the water and yells [CORRECTION from Nicole- he says to her "What the hell were you thinking" while rubbing her face- he wasnt yelling] at her for jumping, she looked like a doll the way he yanked her ass out
.Alice tells Bella Edward plans to kill himself, she looks a hot mess like she was drowning [she didnt look a hot mess, just confused.. shocked.. confused....]
.Jake yells at Bella outside her house for going after Edward and she reminds him why she needs to go [again he doesnt YELL... he says "he left you bella,he didnt want you anymore" that was his way of reminding Bells why she should choose him =) ]
.Alice driving the Porsche with Bella clinging to the seat
.Bella runs through crowd into Edward when he's about to walk into sun light
.Edward fights with one of the guards-now this i don't remember being in the book, unless it's Alice's vision of Edward trying to find a way for them to escape, he wanted to fight one of the guards the first time so they would kill him and he wanted to fight them so Bella and Alice could escape-but they really go at it, like he gets thrown into the wall and body slammed kinda thing, he gets beaten pretty badly
.It ends with Jane torturing Edward and Bella yelling "no! stop it! your hurting him!" [not to be mean, but i totally wanted to see Edwards face while he was twitching... again not to be mean....]
***Did i miss anything BFF? told you i took notes but you refused to believe me, show you didn't i? next time have more faith in me damn it.
Fyi highly recommend finding a way to see that preview cause it will blow your mind.
By the way Summit, i will totally go into bitch mode if you show the same f*cking clip during the VMA's [i will too! show another/ different clip of Jake shirtless.. NO show EMMETT damn it!!!!] that wouldn't be fair to me after sitting patiently through boob fest '09 and bad acting.

all comments in this pretty color are posted by BFF/Nicole =)

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  1. looooove how you only edited lassy's part BFF i see how it's gonna be
    *angry stare* fyi that Edward comment was soooo unnecessary, he looks tortured enough and Jake sooo yells at Bella, he's a teenage puppy. Going back to my respective Team Edward corner before the gloves come out but i got you, i got you.



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