September 10, 2009

To official retraction

Found this just for BFF lmao, wanted to show her how much i care but this is all the ungrateful heffa had to say in response-fyi she left me this note on here all red and bold can you believe it? saw it when i woke up, nice way to start my day-"lt's not funnie" Well! the nerve! i say blame yourself for mentioning it because you know me, as soon as you said it duh i went looking for it!
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So i'm apologizing now because i woke up and found this.........
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the above photo & all its hottness is approved by me [Nicole/BFF] gosh can he be hotter! that 18th b-day needs to hurry!!!!!

sweet jesus, holy mother....sorry about that, i'm back, like i was saying found this and while i can resist him when he's dry i must say this pic did it for me, it was calling me like the sweetest dream. I want to worship at the alter that is Team Jacob but under one condition-she (bff) needs to convert to team Edward/Jacob. Come on, you can do it, don't make me out you in front of everyone cause you've admitted he (Rob) was hot on several occasions, it will be our little secret.
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How can you not love him??? your heart must me made of stone
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Found all pics on, it's been a while since we've seen a genuine smile on their faces so figured everyone would enjoy seeing it.
***Dear Summit, WTF is up with big man in back ruining the happy moment by rummaging through his clear purse? Ya'll need to tell him those were never in style and never will be.
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Have to throw this one in for good measure! Is it me or is he licking his lips??? wonder if that's because kstews lovely lady lump is all up in his face..."what you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk" i didn't say it, Black Eyed Peas did.


  1. Yay for Jakey for rollin up to Forks HS like a true gangster! Haha he sure did show Edward he ain't a punk! Okay sorrie...but that was my FAVORiTE part of eclipse, idk why so dnt ask! TEAM JAKE.

  2. Also.. I will not be converting to Team Edward! NEVER! Sorrie... so u can't b Team Jake.. well u can but he's my Jake!



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