September 9, 2009

What if.....Bella was your BFF??

So i just spent the last five hours reading the first eight chapters of Dark Side Of the Moon-it's a fan created version of New Moon from Edwards perspective, basically Midnight Sun but written by a fan not Stephenie Meyer, it's amazing how well Blondie understand Stephenie and the characters-if you haven't read it then i'd suggest pulling up a chair. Anyways i started thinking, what if Bella was my BFF?? To be honest, i would hit the bitch a few times a week for good measure, lol. Kinda harsh i know but she's psychotic, she's seems to have a sixth sense but she's not very street smart. so what about you guys...what if Bella was your BFF???
Found these on google and had to share, hope they do to you what they did to me..........It's called "Bella Sucks" while i don't think Bella sucks but this is too damn hilarious to pass up
Bella Swan sucks by *Lelia on deviantART

Love the wolf packs comments, that's some funny sh*t

wtf is this??? Damn!!!Bitch face anyone??? um, what the hell happened to Edward? thought he couldn't's all the angst well angst and the result of not getting none.

LMAO is that all i can say
***NOOOO Twihard emails please, i'd hit Bella not Kstew! One's real and one's not!

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  1. hahahaha Emmett holding the "protect the klutz" signs is too cute! even cute klutz=k lutz = Kellan Lutz awwww ... can u tell i adore monkey man?!?!



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