September 9, 2009

Keeping w/ the funny....hehehe

Hey BFF remember how we were laughing at the autographed copy of NM for $400 well got one better for ya, ready?, NM soundtrack Limited Edition for $500 oh excuse me $499.99-why do people refuse to accept the last damn penny- with tax that's what $550 i say oh hell no!

Edward tissues any one? Fine it's Edward and Bella but you don't have to look at her, find more designs to keep you under the weather on TwiFans, don't tell me you wouldn't mind getting a cold after seeing this???
~BFF, i know what you're thinking and don't you dare, come Christmas i refuse to accept this!

Check out the bus um did Summit run out of money or did someone forget how to spell Quileute??-mine might not be right either, team edward ppl, but it's still a whole lot closer than Quillayute-Find more of the saga cars on Twilight Gossip reminds me of Pumpkin from Twilight
Click to view full size image
Jimmy's back! well his version of Edward anyways and once again Edward's bothered....

And now the funny ***FYI this is not for your eyes if your too young to buy porn***

I did promise funny, didn't say it would be PG, so the examiner has an article on this lovely piece of art-to be honest if it's not Rob then who cares!-oh wait she's an award winning actress, award of the porn kinda that is not the Oscars don't get it twisted but the real funny is.......this is the second Twilight porn parody the first was The Twilight of Virginity, i leave you with that cause there's nothing i can say it's too degrading but we all knew it was coming-lol, sorry-esp after the production of The Vamp

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