September 7, 2009

The end of another weekend and new pics of the cast!

As another weekend draws closer to it's final hour-well not really because sept is the sh*t so today's labor day!-Rob was spotted out on Saturday night in Vancouver by a lucky, lucky fan. Some of you might be wondering why we didn't post those pics well to be honest that girls face has been plastered on so many blogs that i'm sick of it. We're trying to make our blog unique, we want our blog to be different from the rest so we try not to show the same pics as five or six blogs-don't get me wrong, if the pic is delicious and Rob looks like  hottie hot hot we will show it not matter how many times you've seen it. With that said Kstew was spotted on Sunday out shopping with Nikki and Elizabeth, if you want to see those check out TwiFans.

 such a pretty kstew pic, starting to like the hair esp after seeing the weave
kristen stewart pattinson stare 01
Found this little slice of heaven on Just Jared Jr. and had to show it! Yeah, i know you probably saw it already but what's the harm in looking at Rob another three, four, or fives times lol :)

Need more twilight fix?? found this great how to guide on which gives you tips on how to hide your FanFic obsession. It's hilarious and i recommend it because amber, the author, gave suggestions on ways of continuing your reading with some fan created literature, they're like continuations or a type of "what if" version of twilight saga.
Here's a small taste of it-
        1. Go to your work’s supply closet and grab a binder. I suggest anything over a 2″ cause, let’s face it, a 1/2″ binder              is just not going to cut it.
5. Put it all together, then set it out on your desk. Now you looked like you got some serious work on your hands.
6. When you leave work, be sure to take this binder home. Let at least 2 people see you carrying it (preferably one being your boss). Now, not only did you hide your obsession, but you look like you are taking work home. Boss approves!
-for more check out her blog.

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