September 11, 2009

Did Summit forget about the rest of the Cullen fam?!

Is it just me or have the previous 4 New Moon trailors [both comic-con clips, the trailor before BandSlam and now the one before Sorority Row] lacked a very important part of the film?!!!?? That important part would be the Cullen Family.. well mainly I'm refering to my personal fav, Emmett!! Yes this another random blog, but I felt it was necessary for me to express my sadness in the lack of Emmett Cullen/Kellan in the trailors. Even in the 1st trailor you only see him smile [a cute smile at that] and walk behind Rosalie/Nikki. I understand the Cullens disappear for a good chunk of NM & I get to see more of Jake [yay] but where's Emmett?!?! All I know is it would be in Summit's best interest to include lots of Emmett in the end when the Cullens go back to Forks! So i guess i'll just have to look at these lovely pics of Monkey Man to hold me over the next 69 days...

* yes this was partially my way of posting random pics of this sexy man =)

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