September 10, 2009

KStew- meant to play Bella all along, OR lucky opportunity?

Its funny one huge blockbuster movie [twilight] can open one's eyes to other films.. mainly films with a cast that consist of a person from that huge blockbuster. Since i'm still a fairly new Twilighter [since june 09!!!!] I've been trying to watch some of the other movies that our beloved Twilight actors have been in. For whatever reason, many of this films that are new to my eyes have featured KStew. Since she's still young, most of these other movies she did she was... well young. but none-the-less i watched them, and i liked them.. specially Speak.. VERY good movie with a good message even though KStew's character goes through a horrible experience it still teaches a valuable lesson-- never be too scared to talk about what you've gone through!!

So if it's one thing I've noticed it's this: some of Kristen's movies have few short scenes/moments that made me think 'Twilight'. idk if it's because thats the role I'm most familiar seeing her in... but it seems that these small occurances from her other movies kinda made her portrayal of Bella a little easier. Soooo the main purpose of this entire blog is to compare a few [literally 2 or 3] of KStew's [previous movie roles to her Twilight character Bella. Please don't take offence to this post.. it's meant to be funny/ observational

1) Panic Room - in this movie KStew's character is diabetic and after being locked in a bank vault-type room, she begins to get sick due to lack of food.. this then causes her to go into a siezure like shock/convulsion.... I found this to be extremely simular to that exciting scene in Twilight... no, not the one when Bella bust her ass on the driveway.. but when shes withering in pain after James bites her!! Its no wonder she did that scene sooo convincingly, she'd previously worked on it when she was like 12!

2) Speak - So we all know that Michael dude KStew is/isnt dating [Im not really keeping up, so I really dont know] well supposedly they met while filming this movie... and guess what class they have together in the movie?!?! yep, BIOLOGY... coincidence?? Is Bio class not the course Bella is taking when falling in love w/ Edward?!?! hmmmm and it really doesn't help much w/ the Robsten rumors... they do say history repeats itself.... you be the judge on this one [I personally don't care if Robsten are secretly dating or not.]

3) Speak - you know how the apple in Twilight is supposed to represent 'forbidden fruit'? welllll it ain't that forbidden in this movie. While in Bio (or was it Art?) class... I forget what they were doing but it involved havign to protect/monitor an apple..Either way instead of watching the apple/following instruction she starts earing it..random, I know... but its a connection to Twilight right?! [its kinda like how Bella is suppose to stear clear of Edward but doesnt... she's not suppose to eat the apple does] & "Edible Art?".....I know im not alone on this... everyone knows what i'm talking about.

this is just for the sake of adding a picture..
plus Kristen looks really pretty in this pic []

Okay so those are the only simularities I could come up with... maybe because I haven't seen many of KStew's movies so maybe cause those are the only simularities there are? Either way, I'm sure these movie directors never thought they'd be 'preparing' Kris for her most recognized role ever.

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