October 16, 2009

Kellan Lutz, solution to making any day better!

Oh hell's yeah! this might not be news to you but it's definitely good, new news to me-Twilight Scene it? hit stores today! did i mention hells yeah! How did i miss the release date? too many NM things been thrown at me at the same time. Since twihershey will be away in sin city this weekend, i'll be playing with myself...solo bolo...but Scene it? means i'll be having a better weekend than her, it's hours of fun!

More pics have been released from Kellan's shoot with august magazine, which magazine are you planning to buy over the next few months?? oh, me? uh duh all of them since New Moon seems to be the only thing on shelves right now, it's being shoved at us from every direction.

Did i mention Kellan, i didn't? omg shame on me, let the drooling begin-

-it's been a damn good day?? well it wasn't but it just got soooo much better

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