October 15, 2009

Kristin 17 Magazine scam?!?!

*note to readers.. i began typing this 10.14.09*

It's funnie how I try to keep my 'Twi-life" a secret yet it still manages to pop up every now and again. I believe it was a few weeks back when I complained about the Twi-Cast always doing photoshoots and interviews for magazines over seas [Europe] and none for the US. Then recently pics surfaced of my jail bait and his (rolling stone?) photo shoot where he's frolicing on the beach.. in the water.. buff and all wet... sorrie.. then there was word of KStew doing a shoot with Allure magazine. Now we get a 17 magazine interview.. but no photoshoot?!? boooo. I was actually at my schools snack shop looking for juice when I spotted this magazine. Had to do a double take: 1) i didn't believe it was really KStew on the cover, and 2) i didn't know she did a photoshoot w/ Seventeen!! Since I keep my Twi-Life seperate from school.. or the public atomsphere, I didnt buy or even pick up the issue... LoL Later I found info about it on HisGoldenEyes.com, that's where I learned the unthinkable!!! KStew's "outfit" for the magazine cover is one we've all seen before.. therefore making the "photo shoot" nonexistent!! I'm not sure if I'm mad at Kristin or Seventeen... We all know that Kstew and the NM/ Eclipse cast are super busy, but some real photoshoots would be great since lots of non-USA countries seem to be getting all the twi-Cast action [ex. August magazine featured Kellan a while back, Interview magazine has Kstew nxt month... (dont think thats in the USA), Ashley did a magazine for over seas too]. From the reviews I've read.. the article is basically just a bunch of quotes?!?!? Ummmm I seriously hope that ain't true! I was in Target today (10.15) and didn't see this issue, they only had the October issue w/ Whitney Port on the cover... sooo once I get my hott lil hands on this issue I will give a proper [lmao] review!!!

Even though there was no real photoshoot this pic of Kristin is cute.

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