October 18, 2009

Robert's heart stopping photos

Grrr this is why i do not waste my time on dates, it was a train wreck and that's being nice (wtf how do you answer the phone and have a full blown conversation with another girl, while driving like there isn't a law against that...call me and i'll give you the play by play, it was scarier than paranormal activity) missed so much (including sleep) and now i'm trying to catch up since someone went to Vegas and left me with the work lol joking, wouldn't make her pissed of when she gets back (if i disappear, twihershey is responsible for my disappearance)
Have you seen these???? I just wanna look at them over and over and over........did i mention he's legal???

wow, i see we're stepping up our game!

must we stop my heart Mr.Pattinson.....i like the sound of that, could be dirty!

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