October 11, 2009

Jchon's a sexy b*tch too!

So I've mention (a few times, maybe more) that i wouldn't mind....anyone from the cast...even the girls (hey, hey now i'm open to making exceptions, hell if Rob don't want Kstew he can ship her my way) can you look at this and still ask why...nope didn't think so!
it's the first time I've seen so many beautiful people compliment each other the way they do. We know Rob's hot, Kstew, Ashley, Kellan, Nikki (sometimes, mostly when she's away from Paris), Alex, the wolf pack (with an exception who will no be named and no it's not Sam damn it, Chaske is sexy!) even the jail bait is hot too (i'd rather turn gay on my own, i wouldn't take well to getting raped in jail for him, getting arrest for being inappropriate with Rob...oh hells yes! Kristen...mmm maybe, Taylor...oh hells no!)

Gotcha!, I know you were hoping for a picture of the jailbait
There are a few cast members we seem to forget like Jchon aka Eric Yorkie. Some Justin facts: he's 28, read em, that's right he's not jailbait! He actually has a store-2 located here in CA- it's called the atticI love his reaction when people say "i didn't know Eric Yorkie was Asian" i swear it's priceless, he has such a good sense of humor then again doesn't the entire cast.

i wouldn't mind some Asian persuasion to start my day (and end it, in the middle of it, 3/4 through it) besides you can never go wrong with a man with serious ink...

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