October 11, 2009

Twicrap at it's best!

TwiHershey and i unanimously agreed the leaked New Moon soundtrack=epic fail!!! Twilight soundtrack was so much better and i pray it won't ruin the movie. Loves you Chris Weitz but you need to slap who ever chose these songs and it if was you then slap yourself twice! Bought the twilight soundtrack, will not buy new moon, got it? ok, good! I'm actually tempted to throw it in the pile of twicrap but that would be blasphemy!
Preview of Soundtrack Album to Robert Pattinson's 'New Moon' Emergessource
It's a quiet sunday and somewhere in the four corners of the internet i found this sh*t.....

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart’s sneaky romp in a shop changing room
“From the sounds that were coming out of the changing room, they were doing more than trying on shirts!” “When they emerged minutes later they were mussed up and breathing heavily!” added the source. if your truely bored enough you can read the rest of this f*ck.

have mercy on me, you know what f*ck this, i have to say something, where are the pictures of said romp??? everyone has a camera phone no matter how crappy it is and said source wasn't smart enough to pull it out, well i say bullsh*t. I must have been far in the corners of the internet to find this rejection.

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