October 16, 2009

today's New Moon recap

Been brought to my attention that i blog with a sailors mouth, must apologize but some of the f-ckery in the twiworld demand said language, i'm docking the ship and i'll try to keep my language in check.

With that said i wanted to share some of my findings from today:
Chris Weitz will be in LA at the Beverly Hilton, he'll be doing a press conference. As much i would love to have that mess of a soundtrack explained to me i refuse to shell out $200 for that crap-see am changing-esp if there's no cast, not even one person means money will remain in the bank. This is the info, if you go tell Chris Twiremedy sent a message and it's just three words WTF-that doesn't count, i technically didn't cuss-Thank you in advance if you do deliver my msg. Actually, let him know i appreciate him, much more so than cougar Cathy......she knows why!
Found NM stills, eeeks!

Here's Bella Swanson trying to be ever so gentle....that look on Edward's face screams hurry the hell up biotch

Edward first, cause i loves him


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