October 12, 2009

New Moon premiere tickets

Do you have your New Moon tickets yet? oh wait, are you asking me??? hells no, i'm a broke ass bitch who can't afford kool-aid right now.....it's kinda a miracle i have power and internet, long story tell you some other time. I'm a devoted twilighter but i'm hoping my 7yrs of bad luck ended last month and i will win one of the many tickets being offered for the premiere, (i mean come on, it's a no brainer, i live in LA so they don't need to fly me, clothe me, drive me, or even feed me...well maybe feed me, ain't gots no money after all and i'm sure they have food) If i get to meet the cast they don't even have to feed me, we're in a recession and look at all the money i'm already saving them (fyi i don't know who "them" is there's so many contests and i'm questioning which is real but hell I've entered all of them already!) I think most of these contests are over and we're just waiting to hear who won so fingers crossed, hmmm maybe we should say a prayer too.
This is hilariously offensive!

can i say how much i love the batman boxers even though he's addicted to twilight, i was so expecting some edward/jacob boxers

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