October 11, 2009

The Twilight saga's affect on the world

Some can debate whether twilight has had a positive or extremely negative affect on the world. The movie has been translated in many languages and the upcoming sequel New Moon will premiere in most countries from Nov. 2009 into Nov. 2010 for some unfortunate places, full premiere list. These books touched so many different people in so many ways, it gave us both realistic and unrealistic views of love, life and relationships.

If your on the business side of things Twilight might have been your ticket to making serious bank. From the town of Forks, WA to other books like Vampire Diaries profited in part thanks to twilight. Robert recommended a book Dennis Potter's 'Ticket to Ride' and it has been sold out ever since, craptastic copies can be found on amazon for about $60 as long as your ok with the condition, the better copies run well into the hundreds partly because this book is out of circulation, it was printed in 1986. The power the twilight stars posses finally dawned on me. This movie will create opportunities for them and will allow them to become something bigger if they so choose.
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Then there's the twilight merchandise...t-shirts, hats, jewerlery, bandages?!? and here i thought the idea of a twilight condom and sex toy was ridiculous. This falls in between the good and bad because the power of imagination is truly unbelievable. If you can think it and slap twilight on it they probably have it and all you have to do is search for it.

However, for every positive there's always the negative side, Robert and Kristen have unfortunately experienced this many times, unable to find peace even on a simple walk around town. Between the crazy fans and the the crazier paparazzi, some of whom are also fans, it has become a dangerous game of tag. They're chased around town, into their hotel and it seems as if people could have it their way there would be a camera in their hotel rooms as well. They're branded as a couple both on screen and off because Bella and Kristen and Rob and Edward are being seen as one person.
Small filming for commercials annoy the hell out of me because they shut down the street and your forced to find alternative routes, i can't imagine a movie of this scale where people are constantly set stalking, it must be such a pain for the residents of Vancouver. I'm sure the director does his best to avoid disturbances but some people don't recognize boundaries like the 40yr old who tried to strip down so 17yr old Taylor Lautner could sign her panties, this is beyond crazy and she should have been arrested! Between the Vancouver Sun constantly publishing set locations and the people who charge for set tours i would have gone insane by now.
Fu-tuck, i just realized i damn near wrote an entire article, I didn't even get to be a smart ass, i was possessed i tell ya, it's weird, let's see if i can make up for it with a smart ass picture!
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