October 12, 2009

A kind message to Ashley

So came across this after my nightly nap (it's the time i stop reading twilight and start dreaming Edward, psssh like i really own a copy of twilight....the book, why think of Edward when you can see him in HD assuming i own a damn HD tv, how dare you judge me!)
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yup that's ms. Gator right there flashing her million dolla smile after using a BOA atm, don't believe me? why would she has cash in her pocket? it is possible she could have a side job we don't know about...heard foreign strippers are the business, they know how to pop lock and drop it! it's very contagious trust me.
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seeeeee, now you believe me? go out and open your account!...after reading this of course (am not getting paid to say this, unless you open your account at the right location, like say the one down at.....lmao) back to the letter....
Ashley, please realize this is LA as in your ass will get jacked for walking around with cash sticking out yo pocket, ya hear! this isn't Fl, they don't care, trust! they will steal from family we are in hard times. Sorry hard to get ghetto, needed to get my point across, happened to me in Feb....couldn't even afford to see Twilight *sob* it was that bad.
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