October 11, 2009

Calling all Wolf-pack fans/lovers

Its funny how you start looking at one website, searching for one thing and within 30 minutes you're 3 website away from where you started look at something you werent trying to find. This is exactly what happened eariler. I should have been going back to sleep but instead I start looking at Twifans.com. dont even remember what i was looking for. But I did come across some super adorable pics of Bronson... [he plays Jared in NM/Eclipse]. He attended TwiTour this weekend along with some of the other cast.

[above photo credit- http://csikat.blogspot.com/]

Anywho.. the point of the post.. I came across this website. The owner had the idea to make pink paw prints to to hold up at TwiTours and let the wolf pack know how much their loved- because the wolfs need need some lovin' too!! Her exact reasoning and the idea was developed can be read http://pinkpawsmovement.blogspot.com/. I think the idea is cute.. it'll grab someone's attention.. that 'someone' being one of the cute wolf pack boys! I like that its not big and bulky like a poster board size sign. Who wants to walk around with a big poster board at TwiTour?! Below is an example of the Pink Paw Prints..

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