October 13, 2009

Twilight soundtrack has been nominated!

While Ashley, Kellan and Taylor were busy bringing sexy back Twilight the soundtrack was nominated for the AMA's against Hanna fucking Montana at that, what a slap in the face, really? best soundtrack? don't worry i won't go bitch mode until i find out who wins and they better get it right, vote now!!! vote HERE!!!this is the entire list of nominees.

Ashley posing for Men's Fitness.....here's a stupid question, why do you need a woman in a men's fitness magazine again? apart from the sex appeal and sales, what the hell could she contribute to a magazine about  men's fitness and no her body don't count, just say people...am just saying!

didn't really llike Kellan much as a blond until i found this little gem, holy sh*t, could he possibly get any hotter?

those eyes.....they just call to me, they scream my name

In case you were under a rock, Summit announced the New Moon soundtrack will be released this friday instead of Tuesday 10/20 (guess there's something to be said about hacking...wonder if they leak New Moon we'd be able to see it any faster?? just wondering, i'm sure Rob and Kstew would love that, that would mean less press for them to do)

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  1. i said i was gonna study.. and no blogging 2day... but sweet jesus... that pic can't be real... u sure its not a fan manip pic?.. many Twifanz are good for making those.. either way his rectus abdominis is lookin nice!! [hahaha i've been studyin my bio! taylor=nice abs/ abs= rectus abdominis. nice word association, yea?]



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