October 13, 2009

Amazon.com New Moon premiere winner

Congratu-fuking-lations to D. James Czech II of Anchorage, Alaska s/he is the "potential" winner of Amazon's New Moon premiere contest

New Moon
Trip to L.A. for The Twilight Saga: New Moonpremiere

Yes, really. We'll fly you and a guest to L.A. to attend the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon and meet members of the cast.

let me say how i truly hate you for winning, how badly i want to take your place and um, well, do you need a date for the premiere?? bff?? friend?? bed buddy?? just think of the possibilities.....
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Have you guys checked out peter-facinelli.com, it's kinda like the New Moon website but devoted to Carlisle,

it's actually really interesting, highly recommend! Carlisle's study is interactive but you need to click the right things to find his secrets like this

you can make this your background if you can find it on his website, love daddy C. so felt the need to share.

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