October 13, 2009

what's your dirty little twilight secret???

We started this blog hoping to be somewhere people can turn to when they've read all the daily twilight news out there. Needless to say we suck, we're a huge fail, we know but there's no time like the present to start redeeming ourselves! I remembered this song i loved, it's so 2000 but it's still a good song.

We want to know your dirty little twilight secrets! You can post them anonymously, what evs, the choice is yours but remember if you decided to put your full name out there and it's absolutely ridiculous i will let you have it :).....am just saying. yes, you can post a secret not related to twilight as well.
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I'll even be brave enough to start...it was my idea after all, should slap myself for that: Guess if i'm going there i should go out with a bang....I am team Edward (posters, books, what ever i could afford), loves me some Rob but i do like Taylor (sometimes) i mean they plaster his neked body every where and it's hard not to look, his body is dayum! besides he looks older now, am not saying i'd rape him but the thought has crossed my mind slightly....fine a lot of times depending on the photo....dear lord forgive me for becoming a pedophile.
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  1. Ok this is a bad thing, I should be ashame but I am not. I was packing for the Justin Timberlake concert and I caught myself fighting over which damn Twlight book to take. Now this is sick, Kim and Nicole it is all you guys fault. LOL



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