October 12, 2009

Ryan rips a page from New Moon

If you listen to kiis in the morning (like twihershey does) your aware of Ryan Seacrest (lmao i keep calling him secret) he reads a little of New Moon on air. Any who she texted me this morning to let me know he ripped a pg from the book before reading it because it was too heavy and thanks to youtube i was able to see it for myself. Now as if desecrating his copy wasn't bad enough, why the hell is the book all tagged up....must we highlight every pg before reading it? If the candle is too dim turn on the damn lights fluorescents can be your best friend, don't highlight the pg....speaking of candle is it wrong to say i was waiting for the pg to touch his new moon candle? yeah i'm bitch so what!

did he really say the breakup scene was too hard to read? lmfao his Edward voice is even harder to hear. Are you sure reading in general isn't the problem sir? am just saying, am.just.saying!

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