October 15, 2009

Twilight bloggy etiquette

Welcome to Twiremedy's bitch hour, bet you thought this was only your remedy, cause if you did you were wrong...it's mine too! be prepared for the bitchy and the angry, they jump at you and surprise you so approach with caution.
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From the blogger who brought you what not to do on twitter proudly brings you bloggy etiquette-i may be a hot ass mess but i have no problem telling people what not do, it's do as i say not as i say people, i'm a hot mess for your benefit.
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Must i remind people to site their sources, so many got cussed out for this and yet it still keeps happening, Nothing irks me more than seeing someone else's blog copied word for word and posted under their own damn name. While i will not be outing people and trust me i so want to but bloggy buddy doesn't approve, you know who you are bitches....both of you! i gots my eye on you!

me thinks this be the morning of Bella's b-day aka before the incident we do not talk about.
On that note, can we not see the same shit posted and reposted in the same exact line up, yeah shut up, i get they're your source and while imitation is the best form of flattery copying is called plagerism. If your stupid ass can't be creative enough to put your own thoughts on a story you found then delete your damn blog right now and call it a damn day.

Robbie, did you borrow some of Edwards wardrobe?? you can be honest, it's me after all
This one doesn't apply to everyone but it must be said as well, i get your blog is doing well and your very proud because you slaved over it, it's become your child and cash cow...it is your full time job. The rest of us blog because of our love for all things twilight so is it too much to ask you to be humble, bitch please, having you constantly display that shit is as frustrating as the Robsten rumors. Yeah i said it, r.u.m.o.r, Robsten, Nonsten, who gives a fucksten, moving on!

needed this on her because Rob looks too damn hot
While we're at it, let's throw some twitter etiquette up in the bitch, can't stress how important it is to have separate accounts, one for twilight and the other for your mess of a life-they can even have the same password, no one will know!
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no one wants to know everything about you unless your in that kind of relationship and even then they might be lying to you, they could just be putting up with you.

loves me so daddy C, fyi I've done the LAX thing a couple of times and that is not a pleasant place to be, riding on the damn bus is like Disneyland when you compare that to LAX, really don't know why he would choose to go through that every weekend,
RT, RT, RT, fuck me, lost many good people for this, can we ease up on the RT's i mean if the person has 50,000 or so followers chances are we got their tweet too, the original version.
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