October 11, 2009

Is everyone team Jacob...except me?!?

Selena Gomez is team Jacon, so is Ashley Greene, BFF, even some of you followers....wtf am i missing??? Team Jacob seem to be growing larger and i'm starting to wonder if people like Jacob the character or Taylor the body.
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Is it because I've always been attracted to older men, i have a no jailbait policy but please someone fill me in. I mean i get it, the boy is huge, bigger now for Eclipse even bigger than in New Moon like the book i guess but i don't get it. Taylor even said how embarrassed he is of all the shirtless pics they use in his promo. He's actually starting to scare me because of how much muscle he's put on...i'm honestly worried. Yes, i know he's super cute with his little baby face but Jacob has always been in the friend zone of my mind. Jacob was too loyal, like a friend, annoyingly persistent and he never seemed to possess any boyfriend like quality. Once you find yourself tricking a girl into kissing you it's kinda over.
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hahaha, the jorts kill me!
I seem to have a knack for pissing off every Jacob follower in existence but can i say how pissed i will be if this follows through? I will wake up twihershey from her nap (she sleeps through every movie and i will have a camera on premiere night in case she falls asleep, black mail and such....) but i'll be in full bitch mode!
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aaaaah now this is more like it! yes, i'm crazy we already established this, now if you don't mind i'd like to move on.
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  1. I think its funny I felt the same about Team Edward. There was no love for the wolf! But you know I've been Team Jacob from the beginning and all I had to look at was a decent looking Tay w/ a BAD weave... not cute! So my being Team Jacob has nothing to do w/ Jailbait's rock hard abs... but it might have helped a little with my excitment for NM. As for other "Team Jacob/Taylor" fans idk, can't speak for them. BUT I do know that Selena Gomez is Team Edward actually... and team Taylor? [<--- just an assumption on the last part] I think the thing drawing ppl towards Taylor is his humbleness in interviews, his cutie pie face and those muscles... we forget he's 17 =/



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