September 18, 2009

the WORST Team Jacob merchandise... EVER!

Okay, you've all seen Ms. Team Edward's [kim] crazy blogs about random.. RANDOM twilight merchandise... make-up, clothes, Edward wig, shoes, etc. But I believe I have literally found one of the most disturbing pieces of merchandise! You all know I'm all for Team Jacob & I absolutely adore Taylor aka "jail bait hottie" [my new nickname for him!] but I would NEVER EVER be caught dead in what I'm about to show you! And I swear if i see anyone in these.. they will be fussed at.. or laughed at!! I really do believe these may by worse than ANY other 'Twilight' themed shoes I've seen... [and sadly a few ppl on the site i found these said theyd really wear them.... i've been sniffing something!!]

Will any dude really get these if the dress as 'Jacob Black' for halloween???
more info about this picture and where it could have possibly come from can be found here

1 comment:

  1. dude, seriously those shoes scare me, they look like giant roaches or flees lmfao your wolfy got flees...teach you to mess with the sparkly one



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