September 18, 2009

The Ultimate Trailor?

So the other day I found what I'd been waiting to see since the VMAs.. all the NM trailors COMBiNED! But sadly the one I did find, did not include the Comic-Com footage.... can we say super sad face for me?!? No TL stripping... helping Kstew mend her bloody forehead.. ::sigh:: Well that all changed today/tonight/the wee hours of the AM!! As I was catching up on the latest Twilight/NM/Eclipse news I stumbled upon this little video that must be a God-send!!! YES, you've guessed!! ALL the trailors [including comic-con] have been murged and I am pleased[although the motorcycle part was shortned... lol] !! =) Video clip found here

[sorrie for the lack of posts from me [HersheyKissez/Nicole] :-/ School is in FULL swing and i'm pretty busy... Thank Goodess Kim is on her A game w/ her posts!! Now I gotta catch up!]

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