September 15, 2009

*This is a must read*

While i am a big Rpattz fan, found this on Lainey Gossip and while i constantly make fun of the puppy i figure this should even the playing field a little more. Alan-Lainey's temp blogger-posted this today and let me warn the sh*t is hilarious.-Team RobWard, i'm sorry, save a Volvo ride a Cullen???-

The blog so brilliantly titled "a craigslist closet case"

*are you Asian and hot? want to f-ck a movie star?* - 26 (Vancouver) So here's the scoop I'm 26 caucasian and f-cking hot I'm here in town for filming staying at an upscale hotel. I'll let you know all the details later... I'm a B list actor but will be on the A list very shortly in good time. What am I looking for you ask? A gorgeous asian boy that I can f-ck the hell out of. F.Y.I. I'm not out and everyone thinks I'm straight but being gay is my secret to keep. This little rendezvous will happen in my hotel room and yes I'm registered under an alias.

                                      the blog go on to say

This ad comes from Craigslist Vancouver. I could be in Vancouver. I could be a gorgeous Asian boy. I could be anything you want me to be, just to find out who this supposed closet case is! You know I totally answered it, too. Hey, it’s all in the name of investigative blogging, aight? And who is currently filming in Vancouver that this could possibly apply to? I’m pinning my hopes on LipGloss. Or could it be someone from the Twilight cast?

~fyi, for those who don't know Lainey speak lipgloss=Zac Efron
                                      to read the rest click here


  1. Dnt see how its twilight related missy! Jk.. but Zac?! Nooo wayyy. My first thought was "OMG not Stalker Mike!" But I thnk he's straight... he looks straight. How old is he? The other caucasian boys (Jackson, Kel, Rob) are under that age indicated.....

  2. stalker mike has a gf so no, not him and Rob hottie has too many options same with Kellan and Jackson



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