September 18, 2009

Why i <3 Twitter & David Slade

Although I don't check the twitter updates of every people I follow on a daily basis, I do get around to it... eventually. In my lack of doing so, I apparently miss all the good sh*t! :-/ [thanks "bff" for tellin me!] Turns out my FAV part of Eclipse was shot on last Saturday! This is what David Slade [director of Eclipse] had to say...

Yes we were shooting Bella and Jacob's kiss on the mountain, its really a grueling emotional thing to have to shoot over and over. from web


And just when i thought that was all i would get to fill my Team Jacob needs... D. Slade posted this yesterday [while i was probably in class...]

Yesterday Taylor had to carry Kristen for several hours, he held it together - hope he can lift his arms today. Rain dumped on us all day. from web


So thanks to David for all his informative Twitter updates and/or pics... especially those thoe hott jail bait pics of Tay.. I would totally get locked up for that hottness! WHOA [not really locked up.. but he's the hottest jail bait i've seen in a looonnngg time!]

this is the jail bait hottess i'm refering to =)

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