September 18, 2009

Twilight on TV?

Nope I'm not refering to the Twilight movie premering on cable.. that's not until November! But if you do have cable... (Dish Network I for sure know of) you should have Reelz Channel. So check you cable stations OR Back to the oint of this lovely blog... Each week since TwiCon was in Dallas (early August) ReelzChannel has shown weekly episodes of the 'Twilight Spotlight'. They dedicate each episode to different topics that are related to Twilight. So far they've toured Forks, had coverage from TwiCon, Twilight related singers/bands, a whole episode about PFach and much more to come!! Some lucky Twilight fans who have websites have also been shown on a few episodes... I soo wanna know how I can get on there! So be sure to check it out Mondays! Got to for more details. Below is a little clip of the show.

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