September 18, 2009

The Tweet heard around the [twilight] world

So I'm sure we all follow PFach on Twitter right?! I mean he is Mr Twitter and all!! So i'm sure you alll know how he has random bet and things going on w/ his Twitter?! Remember his friend had dance to "Single Ladies" down Hollywood Blvd... in a bikini!!! And just a few weeks ago my Kellan Bear [he gets a new nickname too =D ] Tweeted from PFach's phone/account!! So then Peter got what seemed to be the best idea ever! he gets 1,000,000 followers and we get a tweet from Rob or Taylor [i was hoping for Tay]!! And I'm assuming we did it, cause this popped up on Peter's Twitter page
Thanks a million. Here's Rob... Hi, it's Rob... My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it. from Tweetie

Peter Facinelli

... Of course I was oblivious until Ms. Team Edward [BFF] texted me about it... but then I noticed.... Peter didnt have 1,000,000 followers!! It stated 995,234.. So I ask, did Peter end the contest prematurely and give in to you crazy Rob fans?! Or did nearly 5,000 people get pissed [either cause the message was tooo short or it wasnt Tay] and decided to 'unfollow' Peter?!?! Since I didnt see how many followers Peter had before the message was posted i'll never know.... What I do know is... next time PFach needs to give us Taylor!!! Heck, even Kstew will do! Its only fair.. we've seen 'tweets' from: Rob, Nikki & Kellan Bear!
* no offense was intended my the "crazy rob fans" comment... =)BFF knows this.. so dont send hate mail!

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