September 18, 2009

So the twi-challenge begins......

We've been at this bloggy business for about a month now, hopefully you smut lovers realize we are two different people. I being the fun, tell it like it is smut bringer and twihersheys are-as she puts it-polar opposites. She says i'm always pissed and i love to swear....hmmm think they have room for one more at the twitarded inn??? I swear cause i'm the sh*t lol really i swear cause it's fun god damn it. We've decided to put my assumptions to test cause you know Rob's the sh*t. [i was totally gonna put something mean.. but i wont. but he aint the sh*t] Rob and Taylor each have a movie premiering next year on the same day and we would like to know which will do better-to be fair Taylor already has an advantage considering ever celebrity who's somebody will be in that damn movie-however i'm betting on Rob hottie all the way because he never fails. [actually... he failed to shave those nasty tummy hairs b4 shooting NM] well that twitter msg was a huge fail but that's beside the point we loves us some Rob. Will this become a team Edward vs. Team Jacon battle or Rob vs. Taylor or Robward vs. Taycon? i'm hoping you all know the difference by now.
fyi team Jacon was created by Twihersheys lol cause b*tch can't spell, shows you how much she supports the puppy. ummm can you NOT put my spelling errors on blast?! DANG!!!

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***Rude red comments were so rudely made by twihersheys, did i mention how rude she is intruding on my blog, rude!

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