September 19, 2009

pssst, calling all Jacon fans

Twihershey being the boss b*tch that she is brought it to my attention that there really aren't a lot of blogs out there for her puppy. While this pleases me oh so very much, i did agree to make our blog Switzerland, and i am happy to oblige, with that said lets bring on the puppy love! Warning-hope you're prepared for a series of original Taylor Lautner posts from a Robward fan.....holy f*ck, this sh*t's gonna be harder than i thought it would be.
Some quick puppy facts-he was born on Feb 11,1992 aka cool your panties cause he's not legal yet and i will get your asses arrested. He went to Valencia high school but you crazy ass Jacon fans caused him to test out. He had a role in Scooby Doo ('05) training...sry-and My Wife and Kids('04)-this was the show back in the day-most importantly he's not bad to look at when your not staring at RPattz-yup like a true Rob hottie lover, had to find a way to put him in this one too :)

is that you jacon???? what a cute wittle wolfy...i knew you were a .rob fan!!
***Joking twihershey this is Brie i'll even be a good girl and post a pic of Jacon
****Jacon=Jacob, twihershey just don't know how to spell and now i won't let her live it down!

this is Jacon's human form

1 comment:

  1. the lil puppy is cute.... but you're mean-ness isn't!



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