September 15, 2009

Tuesday night funny to lighten your mood

So while you were obsessing about Taylor and Kstew's impending visit to Knoxville, i was busy finding more twicrap!-personally i don't approve of this, yes it's for charity and what not but those bitches hounded the cast and made them look heartless until someone agreed to the New Moon premiere, there are other ways to raise money for charity, besides don't most of that money go to the movie theater. Listen, there is a reason why premieres happen in LA, accept it and move on-if your at all interested in this crap you can read the damn story here.

to view the rest you can go here.

First of all let me say this, if i see any one in my neighbourhood wearing this sh*t i will personally make you look [more] like a dumbass. This is just nasty looking, it's just wrong. I was going through Twifans and stumbled across this monstrosity........

damn, i think if i say any more i might get arrested. 

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