September 17, 2009

Is it possible? was I right?

After the buzz last night about the exclusives from the set of Eclipse-aka b*tches needed to get checked or this-i signed into twitter today to find this little pot of gold waiting for me.....

lol, the silly paparazzi think they have pics of me and Xavier but they don't, they're background workers. =P I find that very funny.....

so i ask you it possible? was i right? i blew off that story for a reason and here we have Jodelle aka Bree confirming that people were taking pics of background actors not her and Xavier, lmfao, aaaah how good it feels to be right!
In light of this newly found nugget i give you....KLutz at the gym

holy jesus, mary and joseph um before i forget words click here to bring sexy back

***can i just say how much more i love pfach cause he's chosen to join Kellan in the gun show! twifans has more pics of their stroll through Vancity.

1 comment:

  1. Ummm BFF I see nothing wrong w/ Kellan Bear's glasses. He looks hott as usual! This man can make anything look hott!



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