September 17, 2009

Videos of Rob, Kris and Tay

This was a bonus in Japan's Twilight dvd set, i found it really cute because it was before BFF and I became Twihards or even knew about Twilight-i'm guessing its the same for most people-it's just really good to see them smile and laugh and joke like they did before they went into the hiding by way of the man Summit. It's super cute too because they obviously don't understand the fans and vice versa and the translators aren't much help, i think they were star struck, love Kstew this was obviously pre-b*tch face.

kstew will cut a b*tch lmfao, she's done b*tch face in interviews too fyi this is hilarious! even though the host going off afterwards isn't cool, heffa knows what she did and yes, she did deserve bitch face for asking-gotta love kstew-after you watch that video you can see them in Japan below looking all kinda hotness.

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