September 14, 2009

A letter to all...oh and a side note to BFF

Dear TwiHards,
with this being my last day of vacation and all, i felt the need to reach out and piss you off one last time. Heard some of you been busy getting arrested down in Spoons Forks, WA-calm down Forks, we know where you at, you make it a point to milk the twilight franchise as much as possible so how can we not-anyways, listen f*ckers who the hell cares that you flew your stupid ass to WA for no damn reason. Stop disturbing the local law enforcement and let them get back to nothing protecting the community. Flashing a cop is NOT ok, got it? wtf is wrong with ya'll who the hell flashes a cop for a ticket? better question, who the hell tries to get a ticket in this economy? at least do something entertaining you stupid mother.....damn it, read more on radar.
****BFF this is sooooo for you, bitch face at it's best! teach you to call me a stupid Rob fan, grrrr and i'm a twilight fan as a whole, your just mad cause i'm not falling over the puppy.

you might not be laughing but it made Rob laugh and me too! FYI, there will be a Robsten before there will ever be a Taysten-even the name you made sounds crappy so ha! giant fail! will leave it at that to preserve friendship until NM premiere then i will slap you every time Jacob touches Bella lmao-if you would be so kind as to notice i said Jacob not Taylor, bitch knows the difference between real life and fiction!
~photo taken from thinkingofrob

1 comment:

  1. The making fun & puttin me on front street is no okay! Robward dnt approve! Umm that picture? Whatev! Rob ain't laughin @ Tay.... he's was lookin @ Lady GaGa and trying to keep a straight face! So HA in yo face! :-) !!! Lmao



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