September 19, 2009

more updates from Twitter- get comfy!!

So rather than sleeping I've been searching around at other sites, getting my Team Jacob/New Moon/Eclipse fix since i'll be busy all tomorrow... Anyway I was looking around at [haven't check out there site in a while =/] and stumbled upon a Twitter update from Gil [he plays Billy Black, father of... u know!]

now I love the wolfs- Jake most of all... but I must say that this section of Eclipse must have been the most difficult to get through!! Y'all know what i'm talking about.. the 10 or so page section devoted to Billy Black telling the story of how the wolfs became who they are. Now idk if this stems back to my lack of interest in History or if the whole section was just blah... but I really didn't care for this portion of the book. Luckily this was probably the only wolf related section I dislike! Anything else, bring it on!!!
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