September 14, 2009

Taylor x 3 =)

It was a good day for all us Team Jacob members!! We got a triple, yes triple, dose of our fav wolf!!! I just want to say that i thought little Taylor looked adorable/handsome at the award show, even during the awkward Taylor Swift acceptance speech fiasco. But was it only me that noticed that he's a little short?! Well he's young, he still has time to grow! lol

TL moment #1 - PreShow interview w/ Ashley [Greene]

couldn't video a pic OR a video clip from but thank goodness for YouTube & fellow twilight fans!!

TL moment #2 - Presenting w/ Shakira

Am i the only one who noticed this cute match up... Shakira has a song "she wolf && Tay just so happens to turn into a wolf in NM... they tried making a little joke did yall catch that?!

[pic courtesy of]

TL moment #3 - NM Trailor

As Kim already said.. KStew looked super cute!!! I like her hair cut. Word around Twitter is that its not really cut, but i think it is.... Rob looked nice.. and of course Mr TL looked adorable.

[ photo from ]

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