December 2, 2009

New Moon = jail time?!

Apparently a 22 year old from Chicago was caught illegally taping New Moon straight from the theater!! From the article i read, she sat in the front of the theater [mistake #1- everyone know u gotta find a spot in the back!] the ushers saw her, called the cops and shortly thereafter she was arrested! Crazy huh!! worst part, if she's found guilty she could get 3 years in jail, max!! WHOA 3 years?! she wouldn't be able to see Eclipse or Breaking Dawn [part 1,2, 3..or how many ever parts there making!] Can you imagine being in jail because of New Moon and telling people "yea I went to jail because I taped New Moon"

now this is something illegal I'd be willing to get lock up for.. consider ;)

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