December 6, 2009

TwiHershey's New Moon Review

I know, I know... New Moon came out 2 weeks ago, and I saw it twice during opening weekend. So technically I should have done my review sometime soon after that, buuuttt its better late than never. Besides I had to let the movie settle into my brain =) So finally here is my review of New Moon.

What I liked

- The 4 month time frame when Bella was depressed; i really liked how that was displayed with her sitting in the same chair as the days and months went by- nicely done.

- The humans... it was good to see the school scenes and be able to remember than in the mist of all the mythical creatures, Bella is still a human!

- Charlie: Who doesn't love Charlie Swan/Billy Burke?! I loved the interaction between him and Bella. It really showed how Charlie and Bella's relationship was in the process of having a better bond but he was still a little uncomfortable with raising a teenage daughter...[it's in Eclipse where they have the sex talk right?!- that will be hilarious!!!!]

- The Jacob/Bella/Alice scene- Jake & Alice calling each other names, Jake comes thisclose to kissing Bella... i was totally cheering for that to happen! Although the phone call part could have been a little closer to how the book describes, I still liked.
- The *entire* cast! Everyone played their role well! I laughed, almost cried, cheered and got angry! =)
What I didn't like
- Alice's vision of Bella as a vampire.... ummmm I'm stuck on those hideous 1800 style clothes they were wearing?!

- The ending was NOT the same as the book. Chapter 24 and the Epilogue were meshed together and parts were completely cut out... that's not okay.... not at all. Jake is suppose to turn into an A-hole and Bella's suppose to be mad at him... and Charlie's suppose to yell!! AND what was up with this little fight scene?! Don't they just argue in the book?! I wanted to hear more name calling and yelling!!

- Not enough interaction with the wolves. New Moon is suppose to introduce us to the wolf-pack, so a little more time spent on them would have been nice.

- Not enough time spent on the Cullens.. ummm can they please get more screen time in Eclipse PLEASE! I know the series is about Bella and Edward; with Jacob on the side. But Edward has a family and darn it I wanna see more of them!!!

- Laurent's make-up and newly found accent... ummm so he goes from being American to being Jamaican?! AND when did he get paler?

What Summit/ The Director needs to change
- DO NOT show 100 billion commercials/previews! It ruined the movie.. not much was left unseen; not much was as much of a surprise as it should have been.

- If Melissa meshes together more scenes in Eclipse y'all might have to get a NEW screen-writer... not putting in important scenes is NOT okay.

- Can we chill out from the subliminal messages? [exhibit A]- the HUGE blue burger king bag?! and [exhibit B] The Virgin Airlines plane... they wont be getting by business just because they were featured in New Moon... I only fly Southwest- they give me snacks! =)

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