November 23, 2009

My New Moon experience

After counting down a hundred and some odd days, two weeks ago my computer broke: no Rob, no Stew no nothing! unfortunately that was just the beginning. Saw New Moon on Thursday night, stood in line in the cold for a good 15mins to get crappy ass seats. Stayed up until 4am watching it thanks to a few noisy people and George Lopez (i may or may not have been one of those noisy people but the Bella and Jacob thing.....tell you about those some other time)

missed this
The movie started and it was like whoa what the hell is going on? The lines were there but they weren't in the right scenes. Visually that movie rocked so if you didn't read the book then it will blow your mind. However, if you are a fan and you actually read that fat ass book, lets say two to four times or so, you might not have the best experience. My scenes were missing, gone! i was so looking forward to them and nothing! the movie moved too damn fast, I'm not a wolf fan and i was mad because those parts went missing too.

Don't miss understand, Chris did an amazing job! Visually the movie was on point. I blame Melissa for writing out my scenes and because Summit you approved that mess. I'm not happy, you need to make this better, I would have sat through 2 1/2hrs if it meant seeing the important things slowed down a bit. I'm going to see the movie again today hoping I will change my mind or else i quit you Summit.
wtf is this?

and this?

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